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Standard forms

  • Slasher : The most common form of Necromorph, it attacks using two large blades sprouted from the victim's hands and stabs you. It has an enhanced form which is encountered later in the game.
  • Puker : A common form of Necromorph which attacks by projecting corrosive bile. It uses its disfigured claws to slash at its victims when approached. Enhanced Pukers are encountered later in the game
  • Lurker : Reanimated infants and dogs that are often found in Zero Gravity. They attack with three barbed tentacles that fire quills. It also has an enhanced form encountered later in the game.
  • Leaper : A Necromorph which attacks with its large tail, a fusion of the victim's legs and intestines. It also has an enhanced form encountered later in the game.
  • Waster
  • Crawler : Reanimated babies with explosive sacs in their stomachs. Like Exploders, Crawlers' attacks are suicidal
  • Exploder: A small, thin Necromorph with an appendage containing a highly explosive organic compound. It has a suicidal attack

Advanced forms


Suits Edit




Disc 1

Disc 2

  • TBA

Disc 3

  • TBA

Disc 4

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Disc 5

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Disc 6

  • TBA



  • More Hallucinations (Fight Necromorphs That Aren't Really There)
  • More Optional Missions
  • More Necromorphs
  • Old Weapons
  • Work Bench

Cut Chapters